Does Sunlight Kill Dust Mites

Does Sunlight Kill Dust Mites?

For no apparent reason, you experience a sudden itch. You may also be sneezing your nose off for minutes. If you check the itchy area, it does not look like a mosquito or ant bite. Does it even look like a lot of little bumps have popped out of nowhere? What could this be? Well, there is a big chance that your itching and your sneezing are effects of dust mites attacking you.

What Are Dust Mites?

What Are Dust Mites

Dust mites are tiny insects with round bodies that look like white spiders. These mites can only be seen under a microscope. The naked eye will not be able to see it plainly.

While it is not a parasite (a pest that needs blood from its host or prey), dust mites are pests. They need to live and attach themselves to the body of their host.

Dust mites need to do that because this is how they thrive by scavenging the dead skin cells of our bodies. The problem with that is dust mites leave an enzyme as they collect our dead skin cells, which causes terrible allergies.

These mites are known to leave enzymes from their digestive system, fecal droppings, and other digestive proteins that are allergens to human beings. It can trigger an asthma attack on a person, and it can also cause severe itching and redness to those who are extremely sensitive to dust mites.

Dust particles may have dead skin cells on them, which attracts dust mites, and at times, it clings to its host. These pests are everywhere and anywhere, especially on your beddings. In the US, at least four out of five homes have dust mites on their beds.

Does Heat Kill Dust Mites?

Some researches from Journal of Allergy mentioned that dust mites could be responsible for the development and the worsening of asthma in human. One way to get rid of dust mites, a natural way, is to tumble dry and hot wash all your beddings at 55 degrees Celsius. Is it practical to hot-wash duvets, blankets, beddings, pillows, and comforters every single time? It may not be, but it is one effective way of killing dust mites.

Does Sunlight Kill Dust Mites?

People swear by airing out and drying your mattresses, rugs, and carpet under the heat of the sun as it can kill dust mites. An article by ABC Everyday back in 2019 says baking your beddings and other fabric-covered things in the sun for three hours will surely kill dust mites. But it will not prevent a recurrence. Once you bring the items back inside the house, dust mites can still cling to them, and other allergens will still be there, like digestive discharges. What is the solution? Expose it to sunlight again, and again, and again!

How Long Does It Take For Sun To Kill Dust Mites?

Euan Tovey, an allergy expert, based at the University of Sydney, said that if you leave your beddings, mattresses, carpets, and rugs under the heat of the sun for at least three hours, it will kill dust mites attached to it. Once you bring it back, the dust mites within your home may cling to it again. Also, baking your beddings will not eliminate other allergens.

How do you get rid of the allergens, dust mites, and others which will take time to fester on your beddings and other home stuff? Tovey suggests washing it with a detergent (antibac feature is better) and leaves it to air dry under extreme sunlight heat. This will get rid of the allergens and surely kill dust mites.

What Temperature Kills Dust Mites?

Dust mite allergy can be very difficult to cope with, especially since dust mites are everywhere and anywhere. And so, to relieve yourself with dust mites, you can do things to get rid of it. One way to do so is to leave it under the sun’s heat during midday, which is best, and wash it at a hot temperature, 54.4 degrees Celsius, almost 55 degrees.

How Does Sunlight Affect Dust Mites?

Dust mites will not survive extreme heat or be exposed to direct sunlight at high temperatures. And so, if you hang your beddings, your rugs, and carpets out in the open where the sun will hit it well for at least three hours, dust mites are affected, and it will kill them, as said by Tovey in an article for ABC Everyday.

How To Kill Dust Mites With Sunlight

How To Kill Dust Mites With Sunlight

It will be much better to wash your beddings, rugs, and carpets at least once a week with soap and water. You can use antibac soap, which will also get rid of bacteria. If you have a washer that can increase the temperature by up to 55 degrees Celsius, this will kill the dust mites in your beddings. If rugs and carpets are not machine washable, you can use a brush with soap and water. Scrub it well, and then hang it where it can be “baked” for at least three hours. Sunlight with kills dust mites, as said by Tovey.

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How To Remove The Dust Mite Allergens

These are legit ways to remove dust mite allergens in your homes:

  1. If you can afford it, use beddings and pillowcases that do not accumulate dust.
  2. You have to replace your bed sheets and pillowcases every week.
  3. Wash your beddings and your kids’ stuffed toys with soap and water, and if possible, hot washing at 54.4 degrees Celsius.
  4. Your home should have a low humidity level.
  5. Always clean your home and wipe furniture and equipment to inhibit dust accumulation.
  6. Vacuum your floor, carpets, and rugs.
  7. A filter system within your home can also help with the spread of dust mites.

Final Words

Dust mites are the bane of existence by a highly allergic person. They will not stop sneezing until the mites are off. People will keep on scratching until the area can get infected. This is how dust mites can severely affect people and their daily living. With that, do what you need to do to ensure that your home is, at least, clear enough to disrupt the exponentiation of dust mites.