Does Borax Kill Dust Mites

Does Borax Kill Dust Mites?

Are you suffering from allergies caused by dust mites? If yes, you are probably finding a way to get rid of these tiny creatures. Dust mites can come from anywhere, like in your clothes, on your bookshelf, etc. So, eliminating the chances of dust entering your home would help in reducing the chances of dust mites.

However, if you are considering using borax to use it as a cleaning agent for killing dust mites, you have come to the right place. Here you will find every detail regarding how effective borax is and how it works. What measures should you take to control dust mites and get the best results?

What Is Borax?

Borax is an essential boron compound, a salt, and a mineral of boric acid. Usually, borax is a soft, colorless crystal, which can easily dissolve in water. It is also known as sodium tetraborate, sodium borate, or disodium tetraborate.

Borax Vs. Boric Acid

Borax Vs. Boric Acid

Boric acid is one of the natural pesticides used for fighting pests like weeds, mold, insects, and spiders in scientific terms. The best thing is that it can kill dust mites. And you might be wondering how this works. Well, if the pest ingests the substance, it will destroy their digestive and nervous system.

It also causes harm to bugs if they walk over the boric acid. However, you should use boric acid carefully because it can irritate your skin, and if accidentally ingested, it will cause nausea or other symptoms. And remember to keep your pets and children away from this substance.

Borax, however, is available in raw boric acid, which means it is obtained through actual mining minerals. After that, it is purified and processed to form boric acid. You can buy boric acid from online or offline stores. However, you should know that it has a rough texture, meaning it is not labeled a pesticide product. It is usually used as an ingredient or laundry additives in the soap.

Is Borax Safe For Humans And Pets?

Borax is lethal for humans and pets when inhaled as it can cause some severe health issues like nausea and other problems. So, it is better to take proper precautions while using borax.

Does Borax Kill Dust Mites?

You might be wondering whether borax would help in killing dust mites or not. Well, it will not damage dust mites unless they don’t ingest the substance. But using borax would help in getting rid of dust mites.

However, washing clothes are among the most common measures for removing dust mite allergens and keeping them from reproducing or growing.

You can even use bleach and bleach boosters to kill dust mites inside the laundry. The best thing about borax is that even if dust mites survive the washing process, there is a possibility that they would ingest the particles of borax. You should not expect too much because borax won’t work unless it is eaten.

How Does Borax Kill Dust Mites?

Borax has proven effective at killing dust mites, but you should know that it won’t do any magic unless the pests eat its particles. So sometimes your laundry won’t result as expected. Once they have ingested borax, it will destroy their digestive and nervous system, eventually ending their growth. However, you should wash the clothes thoroughly to remove the dead dust mites and their residues. It will keep your laundry as clean as possible.

How Long Does It Take Borax To Kill Dust Mites?

Borax takes around 5-8 minutes to eliminate dust mites from your carpets, rugs, pillows, and sheets during laundry. You should know that doing your laundry in 130 F hot water would speed up the process of killing these microscopic creatures. You can even leave the clothes under direct sunlight to kill dust mites.

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How To Use Borax To Kill Dust Mites

How To Use Borax To Kill Dust Mites

Everybody knows that borax is a lethal substance and can cause several side effects, especially when exposed to humans. You should prevent sprinkling or spraying borax on carpets and mattresses. However, some sites suggest using borax on carpets, but you should know that it can be inhaled by pets and kids, causing illness. Here are some of the best methods to use borax to get rid of dust mites.

Best And Safe Ways To Use Borax

  • You should add half a cup of borax to your laundry, and it will help destroy dust mites hiding inside the beddings and carpets. The best thing is that it doesn’t leave any marks on fabrics and it is most often used for removing stains and deodorizing clothes. That means you can use this method to control dust mites effectively.
  • If you don’t have any kids around in your home, sprinkle borax on the small hideouts of these tiny creatures and let it settle down. After that, you need to wash or vacuum them thoroughly to remove dust mites.

Does Borax Kill Dust Mites In Carpet?

As discussed above, dust mites love to stay in dark and moist places such as carpets. You can sprinkle borax over your carpet and attack their special hideout. It is assured that dust mites will ingest the substance and die. But that’s not the problem; their dead bodies still possess significant threats because they contain proteins, which can trigger allergic symptoms.

So it would be better for you to use a steam vacuum cleaner to suck up every bit of residue and kill other dust mites with high temperatures. You should ensure to keep your children and pets away from these products because they can cause illness if ingested.

Does Borax Kill Dust Mites In Laundry?

Borax can kill dust mites in laundry only when these little creatures eat it. But the best part of using borax in your laundry is that it will keep your laundry clean.

Then, even if dust mites survive after washing, there is a higher possibility that they can eat the particles when drying the cloth or fabric.

As discussed above, borax won’t do any wonder unless those microscopic creatures eat it.

Final Words

Borax is one of the most effective measures for killing dust mites, but it comes with several safety procedures that you need to consider to get the best results.