Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Dust Mites

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Dust Mites?

Diatomaceous Earth, or DE, is a type of powder that comes from algae fossils. These are remains or deposits of the algae that can be found at sea. (Algae is a plant found in bodies of water, and it does not bear flowers. Seaweeds are a form of algae.) 

Algae is composed of high cells, mainly in silica. (Silica is also called Silicon Dioxide and is found in Earth’s sand, soil, granite, rocks, and more.) When these algae dry out, it leaves deposits, hence, the DE. DE is then used for many things like building bricks in the olden times. It is also used for industrial purposes.

DE is a powder consumed by many to treat various diseases and health problems like high cholesterol and constipation. This powder can also strengthen nails, teeth, bones, skin, and hair upon application. It even exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from the body.

As for its industrial purposes, DE purifies water and acts as a filler for food and even medicine. It can even be used for cleaning and as an insecticide, as well.

What Is Diatomaceous Earth Used For?

What Is Diatomaceous Earth Used For

There is no sufficient research and proof of the matter, but according to reviews by people all over the internet, DE can be used for many things. Some of its uses are:

  • For people with high cholesterol levels. DE can be used internally to lessen the health issue.
  • For people who are experiencing bowel movements, namely, constipation.
  • For people who want to improve their skin, nails, and hair. DE can be used topically to remove dead skin cells, harden nails, and beautify the hair.
  • For people who want to exfoliate their skin.
  • For people who want to improve their oral health by brushing their teeth with DE.
  • For those who are looking to get a significant source of silica.
  • For those who need to kill bugs since DE is an insecticide.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Bugs?

DE can be used for many things, and one of its popular purposes is to kill insects and pests. The powder is not a poison. Instead, it is a natural product that kills insects just because of its physical features.

Pests will never get used to DE, nor will they grow immune to it. Since it is a fossil, DE can be crushed, and when it is in that state, the ground powder has sharp edges. Therefore, it will not harm a human being and an animal. DE will harm and kill bugs, insects, and pests, though. 

How will this sharp-edged DE kill an insect? The naked eye cannot see it. When a bug, a pest, or an insect comes into contact with DE, it will work like a shard of glass in its body. It will slice up the bug and pierce it, causing the bug to die eventually.

For insects or mites, DE can cause dehydration. Once their bodies are covered with it, their nervous system shuts down. The DE will absorb their moisture, and bugs will die.

Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Dust Mites?

Yes. DE is known to kill dust mites. According to some studies, DE kills insects and bugs. The dust mite is a bug, along with ants, bed bugs, beetles, cockroaches, and more.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe For Humans And Pets?

Yes. DE will not harm human beings, even when it is ingested. Animals are also safe from DE consumption and will not harm your pet. DE helps in many health issues, according to reviews all over the net. Cholesterol is lowered, constipation is remedied, and nails, bones, hair, and skin are strengthened and renewed. It is very safe and non-poisonous.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Dust Mites?

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Dust Mites

Dust mites are parasites and pests, seriously speaking. It will not bite since it does not possess teeth. They do not have a regular mouth. Dust mites do not chew, and therefore, these pests cannot bite you. 

What it possesses is an opening somewhere in its body that scavenges dead skin cells on your body or at any place wherein dead skin cells are present – your beddings, carpet, and just about everywhere in your home. Once it is on you, it will release an enzyme and that can cause terrible allergies.

DE can kill dust mites. When an insect, bug, or pest has an exoskeleton, DE can penetrate through it and slice through. It cannot kill eggs, though, so it is recommended that DE be regularly applied as maintenance.

How Long Does It Take For the Diatomaceous Earth To Kill the Dust Mites?

There is no exact time as to how long DE can kill mites. It will depend upon how big the DE is, the humidity and the temperature of where the DE was sprinkled, and the type of bug or pest. It takes up to 24 hours to kill bugs for bugs, up to five days, and at that period, the DE effectiveness will expire. It is recommended that the DE is re-applied until there are no more pests. Once happy with the result, the DE can be vacuumed. It must be disposed of correctly as well.

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How To Use the Diatomaceous Earth To Kill the Dust Mites

DE is all-natural and non-toxic. It will not hurt humans or pets. You can use it to get rid of dust mites. Since dust mites are practically everywhere, especially in a prone to dust, clutter, and not cleaned as much, DE must be sprinkled in strategic locations.

  • You can sprinkle it on your bed, carpet, and fabrics.
  • Just leave it on during the day.
  • When going to take a rest, change your beddings and vacuum your bedroom.
  • Repeat this procedure after a week.

Is Diatomaceous Earth Cruel?

It is not cruel at all. While it can be lethal to pests, bugs, and insects, DE is and never will be harmful to humans and animals. And even to plants.

Final Words

It is a proven fact that DE can dehydrate dust mites and kill them eventually. You will have to use the natural powder according to its instructions and use protective gear when applying to the affected area. Some have reported that inhaling DE has affected their breathing for a few days, but DE can be ingested. And so, generally, the powder is a helpful product.