How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites In Carpet

How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites In Carpet Naturally

Dust mites are the most common asthma and allergy triggers that sneak inside your house. These tiny creatures look similar to small bugs, but they don’t bite. However, they can cause skin irritation and rashes, which could be the reason for allergic reactions. 

Even though you are not allergic to dust mites, you should know that they can cause allergic symptoms like post nasal drip and sneezing. You should not confuse dust mites with bed bugs as they belong to another species and leave bites.

So, let us learn how to get rid of dust mites in carpets.

What Are The Signs Of Dust Mites In Carpet?

You encounter so many pests that might bite, but dust mites are not one of them. These microscopic pests are likely to feed on dead skin cells and other organic materials.

However, you should know that they might induce some skin rashes and lead to allergic reactions.

These are often itchy and red in nature. In addition, you should know that having allergic reactions to dust mites is quite normal and common, which is usually caused by fecal matter and the skin of mites that you inhale.

If you are allergic to dust mites, then you are likely to experience the following symptoms all year round.

  • Itchy throat
  • Red, itchy skin 
  • Watery, itchy eyes 
  • Stuffy or runny nose 
  • Postnasal drip
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing 

You should know that having a severe allergic reaction can trigger asthma problems, resulting in chest pain, coughing, and wheezing. These are the symptoms that could indicate that you have a dust mites’ infestation. 

Why Do You Have Dust Mites In Carpet?

Why Do You Have Dust Mites In Carpet

These microscopic creatures are likely to make their habitat in places where they could access dead skin cells such as carpeting, bedding, and furniture. You should know that stuffed animals and rugs are also a good place for dust mites’ habitat.

However, these creatures prefer to live in dark, hot, and humid climates. You cannot see them with your naked eye, but if you begin to experience various symptoms throughout the year, that means your home is infested with dust mites.

You should know that carpets are the best place for them in Inhabitant because they live deep inside the fibers and still be able to get away from your daily cleaning routine.

Can Dust Mites Live In Your Carpet?

As discussed above, carpet is an excellent place for creatures like these to create their habitat. A recent study has shown that dust mites are likely to survive in an indoor environment with 75% – 85% humidity, and it is also found that they cannot survive in an environment with 50% humidity or less. 

That’s why most infestations are found inside the carpets and rugs. So, when you suspect an infestation in your carpets, it would be better for you to take several measures to eliminate these mites.

Will Carpet Cleaning Get Rid Of Dust Mites?

Yes, cleaning carpet from time to time could get rid of dust mites effectively. You should know that several steam vacuums are available over the market, which can be used to eliminate dust mites. These microscopic creatures cannot survive high temperatures and, when combined with a killing agent, would help eradicate most of the dust mite population. 

All you have to do is spray the solution over the carpets and let it settle down for a while. After that, you need to consider steam cleaning to suck out most of the dead dust mites. However, you should know that eradicating the population of dust mites is not possible, but you can take preventive measures to avoid future infestation. 

How To Eliminate Dust Mites In Carpet Naturally

How To Eliminate Dust Mites In Carpet Naturally

These 8-legged creatures usually lurk inside our homes and can cause allergic symptoms throughout the years. If you are experiencing the same, then it’s time for you to take preventive measures to get rid of these mites naturally. All you have to do is consider the following ways to get rid of dust mites naturally.

  • Anti-Dust Mite Beddings

If your house is infested with the dust mites, your first concern should be how to eliminate dust mites from your beddings. You should know that beds are the perfect breeding place for these microscopic creatures as it provides them desired moisture and continuous food supply. However, you can quickly get rid of these creatures by using anti-dust mite beddings, as these are specially developed for covering the mattresses completely. You should also cover the pillows.

  • Keep Control Of Humidity

Keeping reasonable control over the humidity level makes your home uncomfortable for these microscopic creatures, which is an effective way to deal with the population of dust mites. You should know that they are likely to survive or be attracted to areas where the humidity level is above 60%. Taking several measures to lower the humidity level is a good and effective way to get rid of dust mites in your home.

  • Vacuum Thoroughly

You should know that dust mites can settle deep down inside the fibers of carpets, and a regular vacuum won’t suck out the feces or dead mites. So, it would be better for you to vacuum thoroughly to keep the dust mites from infesting your home again. You can also use a steam vacuum to eliminate dust mites as these creatures cannot survive in high temperatures.

How Do You Rid Dust Mite Allergens In Carpet?

As mentioned above, you can consider a wet vacuum for cleaning your carpets to remove all the allergen particles. You should know that wet-vacuum not only sucks out the allergen particles thoroughly but also suck out the live dust mites. Apart from this, you can also consider steam cleaning your carpets whenever possible. As you already know, these creatures cannot handle the steam heat, which means it can kill dust mites naturally.

Final Words

Now you know how to get rid of dust mites in your carpets naturally. So, whenever you notice an infestation, it would be better to consider preventive measures before it causes any further harm to you or your loved ones.